Erle "Butch" Plunkett 1st Lt - B Co 9th Eng Bn
Rock crusher Jan-Feb 68 - Had the best
Marines in the Corps .... Semper Fi
Don Grant - B Co 9th Engineer Bn
With B Co from late Aug '67 till I rotated back
to the "world" June '68. I survived the "Lost
Convoy on 2-7-68" and The Ashau Valley
March/April '68.Welcome home all vets who
view this site...
Joe Tiscia  -  H&S Co. 2nd Bn 5th Marines  
I am a fellow survivor I was ordered to stay at
Phu Bai that day; but managed to get a ride on
the Conovy.  It was one Hell of a ride I
witnessed ultimate bravery that day.  Young
Marines staring in the face of death and refusing
to give an inch. It was one of the finest hours of
the Marine Corps. Bless them all; and bless all
that survived. I wake up with the events of that
day on my mind and fall to sleep the same way.
Semper Fi
Michelle Plunkett Casha  -  Friend
I am very proud of my daddy and the troops
that lay down their fears making great sacrifice
to provide us the very safety we take for
Charles & Babs Casteen - WWII Vet - Friends
910 256-9470
It is a very moving site.  These young men
deserve to be remembered.  They made the
ultimate sacrifice for their country and we owe
them a debt that will never be repaid. Semper Fi.
Pete Ambler  -  Friend
POWERFUL website.... Bless all those
involved in that day of tragedy and heroism...
Lyle Hunnicutt  -  Friend
One of your members and I have been working
together for over 15 years and we have spoken
of these brave souls many times. Wonderful
sentiment and moving memorial.
Rick  Holmes - Sgt  USMC
I was in the Corps from July 80 to Aug 92. I
was a Sgt. Like most Marines I was in many
Units.  I am lucky and honored to know  the
man doing this memorial. As a friend and now
as my father. Semper Fi
Ron Taylor - HQ Battery 1/11 USMC
I was with Headquarters Battery, 1/11 from
November '67 to December '68. A lot of our
vehicles and men were in that convoy. I was in
the first convoy on February 1, 1968.  Good
website. Please keep it up.
Carol Patterson Turner  -  Dear Friend
I am Jerry Lemayne Collier's Highschool
I want to thank all the people who
made this site possible. I would like to
personally thank Ned Clark. He was the first
person I talked with about Jerry. I know a lot of
time and effort have been put in this site by all.
Thank you Butch from the bottom of my heart.
Corpsman Jerry Collier was and still is our hero.
Skip Munger  - Corpsman  9th Engineer Bn &    
                                       7th Marines
(303)676-3748 (Office)
I'm a friend of HM3 Jerry "Red" Collier.  I was
a fellow corpsman and served with him until
January 1968 when I was reassigned to the 7th
Marines just in time for Tet.  Thanks to all who
have put this website together.  Lest we never
Tommy W. Collier - 4/47 9th Inf Div USA
Republic of Vietnam
I take great pride in registering on this wonderful
web site. That remembers those who served
and honors those who gave their all.  
my brother HM3 Jerry Lamayne Collier 2-7-68.
B Co 9th Engineers U.S.M.C.
A big from the heart thank you to the web
master and all that helps with this site
Jim Lindsey - Capt CO "C" 1/1 Marines USMC
Juan R. "Chago" Santiago
A tribute to the heroes . I'm honored and
privileged to serve with one of you today.
Thank yu for your service and sacrifice.
Semper Fi.
Earlene Hamilton
I met the webmaster in my job as alumni
coordinator at a Military College from which he
graduated. It is my honor to know him as well
as other Marines who were/are near and dear to
me. Thanks to all for creating this site so that
the bravery and sacrifices can be remembered.
And thanks for what you all have done/are
doing to keep our country safe.
Doris McMullan
I taught special forces children as a young army
bride during Vietnam!  Our men never were
recognized as they should have been.
This is phenomenal and should be required
viewing in every high school.
My son returned from Iraq last year.
John Wear
I was inside of a Marine flame-thrower tank
fighting in Hue City when the convoy on The
Road to the Graveyard was happening.  

God bless each and every KIA from the war in
Vietnam and most especially our brother
Marines.  They are the heroes.
Charles Roberts - SFC US Army
I take great pride in registering on this website.
Being a 22yr retired disabled veteran and a
twice veteran of Iraq I know of the personal
sacrifice that has been given from the past to the
present. I support this site 100% for the men
that gave the ultimate sacrifice and for the love
of my Father in law who made it possible.
Ned Clark - Cpl. B Co 9th Engineer Bn
(937) 479-2215
Was with "B" Company my entire tour of duty
in Vietnam from April '67 to May '68 at
Chu-Lai, Phu-Bai, Tam-Ky, Hill # 63, Hue, the
"Rock Crusher" and "Camp Eagle". Traveled
the road to the Graveyard several times in a solo
vehicle between 1/22/68 and 2/7/68. I was just
lucky. Also, those of us that contributed to this
site sincerely hope that it helps heal wounds
from a time long ago in a far away place.

It was the "Tet" offensive, we were cut off, and
no longer resupplied. I remember running low
on food. We resorted to look for discarded cans
of c-ration in our dump site. Our cook "Swede",
put together, what he could find, and made us a
special "spaghetti" dinner. We were his men.
Hedlund "Swede", Collier "Doc", Robbins "Sgt.
Rock", Lindquist "Link", myself, and others,
volunteered for the ill fated, convoy mission. I
would be driving my dump truck, and had to
find as much gas as possible.
The convoy would be trapped, in the horse shoe
of the road, at the graveyard. We fought for
hours, lost lives, and saved lives. My buddy
"Link", and I, will always remember, "Swede",
"Doc", and "Sgt. Rock"...
Semper Fi Brothers
Rob 'Blackie' Black CO "B" 1/1 Marines USMC
718-409-7271, 201-280-9183
"Bravo Zulu" to Lost Convoy Survivors.  This
is a major story that is only now being fully told.
I was S-2 then CO Bravo 1/1 during Battle of
Hué, Têt '68.  During Operation Mingo
immediately after closing Battle of Hué, we had
to patrol due south of city thru the area of the
Lost Convoy, en route to gathering of 1/1 at the
Rock Crusher.  

When Bravo came across main ambush site, we
were dumbstruck by the ferocity of what had
taken place.  Before that, around end of 2nd
week of Battle of Hué, I had a major probe &
assault on my platoon positions on eastern
extremity of our TAOR and was firing Bravo
Battery 1/11 (from Firebase Rock Crusher) to a
point I was asked to stop (due to 105 ammo
being used up).  

The Lost Convoy had an impact on everyone in
the battle and tactics; in spite of our own
challenges, it was on everyone's mind.  Task
Force Xray didn't want to have to bring another
one in.  (Had to shift to Naval Guns but that's
another story.)  Hopefully, LC Survivors will be
appropriately honored (if not yet so done).  

God bless & Semper Fi,
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Chuck Gilbert - "B" Co 9th Eng Bn USMC
My name is Chuck Gilbert, and I wrote the
"Road to the Graveyard". I entered the story
line where Butch had left off when he suffered
the tragic loss of his wife Maggie.

My only purpose  was to tell the story that had
eluded so many of my fellow Marines since the
event took place on the 7th of February, 1968.
A story of miracles, great loss and tragedy
which has effected many. To this very day, few
of us realize just how lucky we were to have
survived being "sacrificial lambs"  at the "Rock
Crusher."  In my book, all of those Marines and
Navy Corpsmen were heroes. I accept full
responsibility for the content of the story,
accurate or inaccurate as it might be.

I wish to express my gratitude to Ned Clark and
his wife Kathy, for proof reading the story
many times and providing the pictures and
Semper Fi