The following Article;
"The Road to the Graveyard"
"The Escape"
by Chuck Gilbert
is the intellectual property of the Marine Corps Association,
and is published in the November, 2010 issue of the
Marine Corps Gazette ( on line ) and is used herein with
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Just received your article.  You certainly did your "home-work" in researching components of the action from
many different angles, and through many different sources.  I am amazed at how much info you were able to
put together and sort through.  Great Job!!!....even if I am congratulating a "Jar Head."  

You and your buddies at The Rock Crusher have always held a special spot in my life, and you always will.  
Every time, and I sincerely say this.....every time I recount parts of my escape to an individual, or a group,
and I mention the circumstances of Capt. Lindsey getting on his camp radio and asking for six volunteers (to
be wearing baseball caps, tennis shoes, two days of "candy bars," and black paint on their faces, carrying
two weapons) to head out at night on the "special mission".....I get extremely emotional.

The response we saw when Ed and I looked out of Lindsey's "hooch," after Lt. O'Brien knocked on the door,
was an unforgettable site.  We saw over 30 Marines all assembled, geared up as requested....and they had no
idea of the mission for which they were volunteering.  Lindsey had requested this assembly just 30 minutes
prior to this display.  They were all so eager to get going....only then, after O'Brien selected his team, did
they know what their mission was to be.  No greater love hath no man than.......for perfect strangers, simply
because we are all just soldiers that miserable part of the world.

Thanks Again,  Bob Hayhurst