"Good Morning Vietnam"

"Death of a Convoy" wmv

"Hue City TET 1968"

"Remembering the Brave"

"Remembering the Brave"

"Remembering the Brave"

"Highest Degree of Brotherhood"
3rd Platoon B Company

Memorial to "Swede"

"One Man's Story"
A Life Remembered

"Gypsy Bravo"
"B" Co 9th Eng Bn

"Three Panels on a Wall"

"Kilo's Walk"

"Thirty Names on a Wall"

"Devil Dogs"
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Vietnam Video Gallery
A musical video, Lyrics written by John Fischer  of  ( "A" Co 1/5
'66-'67 ), Music by Alex Cobos and Sung by Cindy  Chambers.
Audio accompanied by written lyrics and Vietnam Photos.   
5.53 minutes

The complete story of the 2-7-68 convoy ambush told with text, tactical
maps and actual photos.  
13.45 minutes

Link to the original CBS news feed coverage of the Battle for Hue City.
Real time interviews with Lt/Col Cheatham 2nd Bn 5th Marines and
Capt Christmas of 'H" 2/5 during the push from Hue University to the
Province Headquarters Complex.  
8.08 minutes.

Splendid tribute to the Fallen and to the Gold Star Families.
Photographed at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, VA on Oct 23,
Created by Jensen Sutta Photography.  www.jensensutta.com.
Music by Billy Ray Cyrus,  "Some Gave All"

Another splendid tribute to the Fallen and to the Gold Star Families.
Photographed at Denver, CO on Sept 11, 2010.
Created by Jensen Sutta Photography.  www.jensensutta.com
Music by Johnny Bulford,  "Remember the Brave"

The 2011 Remember the Brave Annual Ceremony, The event took
place in Denver, CO on September 10th, 2011. The song is called
'Remember the Brave' by Johnny Bulford, www.johnnybulford.com
Video created by Jensen Sutta Photography.  www.jensensutta.com

Excellent video by Ray Caouette member of 3rd Platoon "B" Company
9th Eng Bn 1966 - 1967
12:37 minutes

On Friday, May 27th, 2011 at Cedar Cemetery in Anoka County, MN.
The Anoka County Historical Society sponsored a memorial service for
Sgt Peter Hedlund "The Swede". Excellent complete movie coverage
courtesy of QCTV, produced by Jean Stauffer.  Our thanks to Vickie
Wendel of the The Anoka County Historical Society for making this all
35:26 minutes

Touching memorial to PFC Theodore "Ted" Shingleton, "HQ" Btry 1st
Bn 11th Marines.  Killed in action by enemy fire on 2-7-68 while
driving the convoy command and radio jeep.  
Video by Lynda Shingleton Rex - sister.
8.23 minutes

Random photos of the Marines of "B" Company at many different
locations within the I Corps Tactical Area, Republic of Vietnam.  
Music by John Fogerty "DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN" from the
album "The Long Road Home".
4.13 minutes

A new style Memorial created to honor the Marines lost on "The Road
to the Graveyard".  It is a work in progress and in the future we intend
to incorporate "Audio Clips" -  fond recollections from friends and
loved ones of these Marines. If you knew any of these Marines and are
willing make a short audio clip,  please contact the site webmaster.  

Short video about "Kilo" Company 3rd Bn 3rd Marines 3rd MARDIV
operating up at the DMZ.  On a routine security sweep near Con Thien
also on February 7th, 1968, "Kilo" hit an ambush by an North
Vietnamese Battalion, like the graveyard fight, "Kilo's" fight was fierce.
The 185 man company lost 30 killed and 35 wounded in less than 24
hours. Just between these two actions on the 7th, the Corps we lost over
55 killed and 78 wounded and these were "small unit actions"!

A memorial in the same style as "Three Panels" published to honor
those Marines lost to us on "Kilo's Walk" - Semper Fi

The Story of the Savage Battle for Belleau Wood,  June, 1918 WW - I
told with text and dynamic illustrations